One Year

One year ago today, I received a message from a friend, asking me to prayerfully consider whether Brian and I would be interested in adopting a brother and sister from Bulgaria.

Happy birthday!

I was, admittedly, hestitant.  It was a tough time for us, financially.  And although adoption had always been part of our family plan, the timing couldn’t be further from right in our minds.  But we promised to pray and discern what God wanted us to do.  I asked my friend to have all of the information she could get forwarded to me.

Two weeks.  That’s how long I gave us to discern.

I can tell you that it took about two seconds for my heart to swell at the sight of the photos.  Precious, precious children.  I opened and read the information about their history.  I took in the knowledge that they were in about the best place they could be as far as institutions go.  And then I shared it all with Brian.

We prayed and talked.  So much to consider – home study, paperwork, fees.

Two weeks.

Over that two weeks, emails and messages flew back and forth.  What would we need done?  How soon would they need this paper or that document?  How long would our home study take?

It became obvious that we were slowly being led to a YES.

There have been lots of obstacles along the way – as is true for just about any adoption process.  Seemingly impossible deadlines, frustrating delays.  But the one thing we worried little about was funding.  Every time we needed to make a leap of faith in the process, the funding appeared.  Every. Time.  Any time we gave to another family in process, it came back to us tenfold.  There have been many, many people along the way – most of them unknown to us – who have given of their treasure to help two children halfway around the word to come home to their American family.

It is all a testimony to God’s grace.  Please believe me when I tell you that miracles exist.  Miracles of all sizes.  Family-sized miracles.

If all goes well, these two precious children will be celebrating their birthdays in our back yard this summer.

So if you are one of the people who responded to God’s grace with a YES and have helped us in any way – with your prayers, shares, or donations, thank you!  And we ask God to bless you with all good things.

We are still raising funds for N & N’s adoption.  We need a little over $2500 more for placement fees.  And our two trips will cost about $4000-$5000 each.  If you are moved to help financially, please donate through Reeces Rainbow, or make a monetary gift directly to our PayPal account {nissa_@_gadboisfamily_._com}.  We are still collecting auction items – especially new and gently used books, and handmade items.  And we are working on organizing a couple of dinners or breakfasts to raise our travel funds.  And if you need anything on Amazon, please consider clicking through our link here on the blog before you shop.  All of our commissions go directly to our adoption bank account.


I’m experimenting with my photography while snow continues to accumulate outside our door.  The light has actually been exquisite – all soft and glow-y.

Fairy  Dust

Fairy Tale

Snow Fairy

Sophie is very pleased with how her portraits turned out.  And Joséphine has requested her own fairy portraits.  There is more snow due on Thursday, and again over the weekend, so we should be blessed with some more of the same pretty light.  I can’t wait!

If you’d like fairy portraits of your little girl(s), you can check out my photography website for information on sessions and collections, and then book a session (your place or mine) through this page.  I am really excited about offering all day group mini sessions at your church or club.  It’s a wonderful way to try me out and get a beautiful portrait.  PLUS, all fees currently go toward our adoption grant fund on Reece’s Rainbow to bring our son and daughter home.

{GIVEAWAY} | Samsung Chromebook, Sweetheart!

Brian and I need to raise quite a bit for our adoption grant fund.  And we need to do it quickly because our dossier is on the way to Bulgaria very shortly.


We thought that it would be lots of fun to try an envelope fundraiser – or in our case, a Valentine Fundraiser – and to offer a chance at a really neat prize: a brand new Samsung Chromebook.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose one of the little cherub valentines (comment below to let us know which one you’ve chosen)
  • Donate the amount that corresponds to the number on your valentine directly to Reeces Rainbow through PayPal
  • Email us your confirmation (nissa_@_gadboisfamily_._com) from Reece’s Rainbow, along with your home address.
  • The graphic will be updated to show which numbers have been claimed.
  • On St. Valentine’s Day (my fave fun holiday), we will draw one person at random to receive a brand new Samsung Chromebook laptop computer!

Claim as many valentines as you would like, each entry increases your chances of winning.

At Home With the Gadbois Family |Samsung Chromebook Giveaway

UPDATE:  Valentines 1-37, 40, 50, 70, 93, and 100 are claimed!

And when all of the Valentine’s are spoken for, our Reece’s Rainbow FSP will be almost $17000!  Please share our giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, and whatever other social media that I am blissfully unaware of.  Feel free to pin our graphic above (and re-pin as it updates).  Claim as many valentines as you wish.  Each one counts as an entry, so the more you claim, the better your chances of receiving the prize! And every donation through Reece’s Rainbow is tax deductible.

At Home With the Gadbois Family |{GIVEAWAY} Samsung Chromebook

If you are new to our blog, please add us to your favourite blog reader, or like the blog on Facebook to get updates on our progress, and read our other posts, including recipes and homeschool tutorials.




*No purchase necessary, click here for details.  Void where prohibited.

Ten For Two Challenge

Brian and I are issuing a challenge. We want to see if we can get to our fundraising goal in 24 hours. If you are reading this, it would be great if you would to go to Mission Adoption and donate $10.

That’s it, just $10.

When you have done that, grab a copy of our graphic and share our story (feel free to copy and paste from the campaign page) on your own blog, with your email groups, with your friends and family.


If you are on Facebook, make the graphic your profile picture and add this as a description:

“I gave $10 to change the lives of two children forever.

I want the following friends to do the same (tag 10 friends or more).”


The tagging is crucial.  That’s how we get more people to help.

If you have already donated through Reece’s Rainbow, or through PayPal, thank you!

If each of our blog readers gives $10 right now, we will  raise enough to cover all of our adoption fees and travel expenses, with enough left over to really prepare our home with new furniture, clothing, and homeschool curriculum for N and N.  And we will do it in just hours.

Ten for Two Challenge

Ten for Two Challenge

Ten for Two Challenge

Ten for Two Challenge


Feast of the Immaculate Conception

We’re off to the USCIS office this morning to have yet another set of fingerprints made for our adoption.  What a blessed feast to have been given an appointment for.  We feel that the Blessed Mother is especially watching over us and this process.  We pray that that is so.



O God, who by the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, didst prepare a worthy dwelling place for thy Son, we beseech thee that, as by the foreseen death of this, thy Son, thou didst preserve her from all stain, so too thou wouldst permit us, purified through her intercession, to come unto thee. Through the same Lord Jesus Christ, thy Son, who livest and reignest with thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end. Amen.

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