The Baptism of the Lord…

“This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.”  (Mt 3:17)  The end of the Gospel passage on the Baptism of the Lord by St Matthew, in which the Holy Spirit and God himself announce the arrival of our Savior to the world.  And as I hear these words and look upon our eight children, I cannot help by feel the pride I have in each of them, each different and special in their own way.  To me, each one of them is God himself in my life.  And I think of all the events in each of their lives where that feeling of pride that only a parent can feel.

And yet, as I hear those simple words, I know that I have not done what I need to let each of them know well pleased I am of them.  How easy it is to let life get in the way.  To let the hectic rush of living cloud the daily inspiration they each bring to me.  To let the emotions of an uncleaned room, or chores left unfinished, or just an interuption of what at the moment felt like something more important leads to just the opposite feedback.  Perhaps a sharp word or a look of irritation – each taking away from what I should be saying, the message I should be giving.

With God’s help then, I will endeavor to keep those words in my thoughts each day as I look upon the great gifts God has bestowed in each one and remember – This is my beloved Child, with whom I am well pleased – and make sure each one knows it.