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My computer.  It’s on its last legs and barely limping along.  I can’t load pictures, let alone edit them and put them here (or anywhere else).  And that is just as well because it can’t even handle being backed up with our external drive. I’m horrified at the prospect of a repeat of last fall when I lost all of my family photos dating back to 2006 or so.

We don’t know how we’re going to swing a new computer for me with all of the work that still needs doing on the farm, a car that is likewise limping along, a stove that’s barely hanging on, and the recent {very spendy and untimely} replacement of our water tank just last week.

So blogging will be bland for a while.  I don’t like bland blogging.  I like lots of pretty pictures.  LOTS.

More Lenten sacrifice.  I am grateful for not having had to plan my penance for myself.  Thanks be to God.

How long ’til Easter? 🙂


A New Normal


Checking glucose levels all day – every day – to see precisely what it is my body is doing with sugars.  First thing in the morning, after meals – now at 1 and 2 hours. I was just getting used to the snacking routine, which has made me forget to drink my rations of water.  And I haven’t developed the habit of taking my meter with me on the rare occasion that I venture out.

{Family Centered Living} | A New Normal

On the bright side, this probably won’t last beyond the next seven or eight weeks.  I can’t wait to meet the little man who has thrown me such a curve ball, just when I thought that I had this pregnancy thing wired.  Good boy keeping Mama on her toes.



Candelight Supper



Hyacinth would be envious. {She would find fault, of course, but we know it was fabulous}

{Celebrating Every Day} | Candelight Supper

{Celebrating Every Day} | Candelight Supper

How was your Valentine’s day?


{Celebrating Every Day} | A Hearty Breakfast

The children enjoyed Irish oats {soaked overnight} with cream and fresh raspberries.

{Celebrating Every Day} | Hearty Breakfast

And festive mugs full of homemade hot chocolate with whipped cream and pink sugar:

{Celebrating Every Day} | Hearty Breakfast

Mama and Jack opted for something less sweet – eggs in a {heart-shaped} hole:

{Celebrating Every Day} | Hearty Breakfast

{Celebrating Every Day} | Hearty Breakfast

And cups of yoghurt with some of those lovely raspberries:

{Celebrating Every Day} | Hearty Breakfast


Since breakfast was a little late this morning, we will snack in the middle and save our appetites for dinner: Pork Loin Roast with Rosemary, Mashed new potatoes with feta, and buttered baby peas.  Their mugs will be refilled with a few chocolate sweeties and miniature heart-shaped cherry tarts will finish the evening.

Hoping that your day is full of sweetness!  What are your plans with your sweetheart(s)?


Live. Love. Leave Proof. :: Aleida’s Challenge

My post “Too Fat” really seems to have resonated with quite a few people.  It was shared on Facebook 36 times, which is a record for this blog.  Since writing it, I’ve been working up the gumption to allow myself to be photographed.  I’ve been thinking about how I would like to be photographed, what my children would like to look back at someday.  I’m a planner, I’m a designer.  I like to ponder a project before taking action.

And then, I visited my friend Kim’s beautiful blog and noticed something new in her sidebar.  A little charcoal gray square reading “Aleida’s Challenge“.  So I clicked it.  And I was struck once again.  Convicted.  Don’t over think the photos – at least TRY not to.  Just take those photos.  Because life is too short and too unpredictable, as Aleida’s family sadly discovered.  But she had already determined to leave a legacy of love in photographs.

So now you will see, in my own sidebar, that same charcoal gray square that means that I will be having a photograph of myself taken once a month, sometimes pretty, sometimes plain, without dieting first, whether or not I have a blemish.  I am a little apprehensive, but that’s OK.  I’ll get over it after a while.  And you will too.

Even if you don’t have a blog, take the challenge.  Grab your camera, hand it to your husband, a child, a friend and have them snap some photos of you with your kids, or with your husband, or on your own.  And then make sure that you share them with your family.  Because they love you.  You are important.  And they want to remember that love when they are away from home, or when someday – many years from now – you are no longer here.

And for those of you who have doubted that I am, in fact, a real person, here is the first evidence to the contrary:

 {Renaissance Mama} | Aleida's Challenge

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