You are Cordially Invited.

Join us on The Family Centered Living Network!

Brian and I have created an online community for families who value gentle parenting, natural health, strong faith foundations, and building a life around family, rather than building a family around life.  It’s been a work of our hearts; and something we’ve been dreaming of and planning for since our oldest child was a new baby – almost 18 years ago.

You can set up your own family page, microblog, join a local group to attend family-centered meet-ups and activities, and participate in discussion forums on topics ranging from home education to family travel, working from home, natural health, grandparenting, and much more!

Brian and I hope that you will come along and join us, and invite your like-minded friends to join what we know will be a vibrant, supportive community.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


Will making a wish...

Hmmmm... A clue to a gift yet to come?

New wheels... sweet.

Nine years of special blessings.  Thanks be to God.


Mine: full of love… and relief

His: full of pride (and relief!)

Baby’s: 140 bpm

Our Little Cabbage at 10 weeks, 4 days

Thanks be to God.

Busy, busy.

I’m off to the doctor’s office tomorrow for my first OB appointment.

They are scheduling a couple of ultrasounds/scans.  One is to confirm dates, the other is for an early risk assessment (because I’m old and decrepit).  There’s a ton of bloodwork to be done as well.  I’m very tired from all of the running this week, combined with the sinus infection I managed to pick up after the rest of the family caught flu. When it rains…

We still have the entire Triduum to get through and Easter Sunday.  I was planning to get some blocks planned for the kids for next week.  I was planning to do that today.  But what I want to do is sleep.  All. Day.

I think I’ll start with a nice hot cup of tea.

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