Will making a wish...

Hmmmm... A clue to a gift yet to come?

New wheels... sweet.

Nine years of special blessings.  Thanks be to God.


Mine: full of love… and relief

His: full of pride (and relief!)

Baby’s: 140 bpm

Our Little Cabbage at 10 weeks, 4 days

Thanks be to God.

Busy, busy.

I’m off to the doctor’s office tomorrow for my first OB appointment.

They are scheduling a couple of ultrasounds/scans.  One is to confirm dates, the other is for an early risk assessment (because I’m old and decrepit).  There’s a ton of bloodwork to be done as well.  I’m very tired from all of the running this week, combined with the sinus infection I managed to pick up after the rest of the family caught flu. When it rains…

We still have the entire Triduum to get through and Easter Sunday.  I was planning to get some blocks planned for the kids for next week.  I was planning to do that today.  But what I want to do is sleep.  All. Day.

I think I’ll start with a nice hot cup of tea.

Simple Saturday:: So Long, Winter

We'll see you again...

We’ve got bright sunshine and high, thin clouds today.  It sure looks like spring, but it still feels like winter with temperatures in the 30s.  Brrr.  It’s a good day for handcrafts and tea, while seated in a sunny window.

What are you doing today?

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