She Felt it Improved People

And I agree.  I always feel better after having had some. Thank you, Mrs. Chips.

Even after Kathie died, Mr. Chips continued to order walnut cake with pink icing from Reddaway’s, and to offer it to his young students, whom he invited to tea.

I think I’ll bring mine along to Elizabeth’s – she’s preparing a lovely gathering place for ladies who want to talk about gentle, natural home education.

Good Medicine

We’re doing a lot of this at our house.  Somehow we’ve managed to catch flu again.  How blessed we are to have squishy pillows and thick, soft quilts to snuggle into. And cups of tea or hot lemon, and soup.

How blessed we are to be able to take as much time as we need to get well.  That is one of the things we love most about our family-centered life.  Time. So precious.

Simple Saturday:: Little Bowl of Sunshine

Our little ones treasure these pretty cobalt blue and white dishes – which came last Christmas.  They love filling them with real and imaginary treats for themselves or for the rest of the family.

Toddler-sized enamel bowls and plates available from Nova Natural.

Night-time Ride

Picking their father up at the airport is, and always has been, an event for the children.  This was the first time the younger children saw Boston at night-time.  Normally Brian’s flights come in during daylight hours.  If they’re late flights, he generally gets a lift home from the limo service.  On this particular night, we bundled all of the kids into their jammies, packed up blankets, stuffed animals, and snacks and settled in for a fun one-hour drive to the airport.

I had Cate and Jack try their hands at snapping photos through the drizzle and at speeds faster than our shutter can manage.  But we like the results.

The Pru

Signs above, headlights below

lighted signs looking like ribbon candy.

another view of the Pru

I wonder what Paul Revere would think of the view nowadays?

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