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The Role of Traditional Wife and Mother

July 26th, 2007 · 4 Comments · from my heart

The Nest by Millais

Will now be played by me. This is quite a departure. What I mean by that is that I have been balancing my domestic duties with entrepreneurship for all 16 years of my marriage. Both our children and enterprises have grown in number.

Business enterprises have a way of overtaking all else, and one must be very careful. And often times, despite great care, it can overwhelm. The key is to delegate what you can, and get rid of anything else that hinders the primary vocation. We had one particular venture that was threatening to swallow me whole – and had no possibility of integrating with the raising of my children. That is, I could not make any part of it an education for the children – not without a monumental effort. So I laid my burden before God and my darling husband. I have been excused of any duties pertaining to that venture, and have been made free to pursue with complete dedication, my vocation as mother and wife.

We found that many of the “little things” were being neglected. You know, small, insignificant things like regular, home-cooked meals, mama-made clothes, orderliness, sink-your-teeth-in reading and nature walks, cuddle time among others. Things that are so very important to me. Things that are essential for the children to have. Things, it turns out, that are also very neccessary to Brian.

Having a settled, traditional home is of prime importance to him. It gives him a firm foundation, an emotional place to come for rest and rejuvenation. If Papa has a place to rest his heart and mind, he is calm and capable. He can meet his fatherly obligations with renewed energy and focus.

Yes, I know. You knew that already. So did I, but theory and practice are two different things. My challenge is to keep outside distrations in their proper perspective, to stop worrying about not contributing enough to help my husband (who has been blessed by God with amazing talents, stamina, and opportunities). My primary function is lover of my children’s hearts and nuturer of their souls and minds.


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