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December 31st, 2008 · 12 Comments · Family Centered Living, from the nursery

By popular request… I guess I’ve complained enough about the size of my belly – people are demanding proof. I warn you to turn away if you are easily frightened. So, I give you – The Bump:


I’m looking a little serious here… It’s only because I’m concentrating on keeping the shirt down and the pants up:


Mary Ellen said she needed a wide angle for her belly shot. That’s nothing. These were taken with a telephoto lens from two rooms away. Actually, I feel a little like a celebrity being stalked by paparazzi. Should have had HairMU come by before the shoot, eh?

Just two more weeks until we start counting up for days late. Any wagers? And should I be worried when the midwife says “Oh, that’s a good sized baby!”?


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