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New beginnings

August 4th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Family Centered Living, from my desk, from the co-op

They’re exciting and I love them. We have a couple of new beginnings to announce here.

- I’m returning to school, pursuing a degree in Holistic Nutrition, which is right up my street.

- I’m going to discontinue this blog at some point soon. I am currently building a whole new website which will require less of my time on a daily basis.

- I’ll also be closing down most, if not all, of my email groups and consolidating them all under a brand new Social Network, which is being built right now.

- Brian and I will be releasing several lovely titles through our publishing company – Partridge Hill Media, including a lovely children’s devotional.

- Unfortunately, we were unable to reach a contract agreement with Classic Ed for the acquisition of LTH Magazine. Both sides tried for several months to hammer out a deal, but in the end, it became clear that it wasn’t going to work. The publication will cease to exist, but out of all of the time and effort expended in planning, was born (or re-born) a concept for something entirely new. This is very pleasing since we will have work to offer to the 2600 writers who had found themselves out of a venue for their talents. We will be producing some AWESOME unit studies for homeschool families! (I can see you jumping up and down squealing!).

- We have some other projects up our sleeves over the next few months, but in the meantime, things are hopping over at the co-op. Why don’t you go on over and check out the back-to-school buys. You’ll thank me.

Waldorf Art/School Supplies for 35% off retail
ArtYarns (!!!) for 35% off retail (your stash basket is drooling)
Blessed Beans Coffee of the Month (St. Gall Abbey)
Pre-order Waldorf dollhouses and table-top puppet theatres for Christmas
We also have those uber-cute laundry boxes left as well as Bummis and Bamboozles dipes

We’ve been keeping busy this summer with outings and camp, and growing. Here are some recent photos – I hope you’ll enjoy.


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