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My friend Jules has oft accused me of being a foodie. I plead guilty. I learned from my Nana that serving a good home-cooked meal is an expression of love. I am including recipes that have been given to me by friends and family, those we’ve collected over the years, and a number of dishes I developed – usually in a state of deperation. We call the latter “what-do-I-make-for-dinner” dinners, and they’re usually a big hit, becoming family favourites. Go figure.

I have modified many of the recipes eliminating those ingredients that we have elinimated from our diet here at Chez Gadbois. We use organic ingredients as often as feasible, opting for alternatives to highly processed sugars and flours, and avoiding pre-packaged processed foods. Some of the recipes are still in their original forms, but I’ll be working on updating them to reflect the modifications I have made in preparing them for my own fmily.

We’re feeding our bodies for optimum performance of our life’s mission. Eventually, I hope that these recipes will be compiled into a cookbook or books. Wherever I could, I’ve noted the original contributor of a recipe. Unfortunately, I don’t always remember where I got them from, so if you see one that you’ve sent me, please let me know so that I can add your name to it.

I hope you’ll enjoy the anecdotes that I’ve included with some of the recipes. A good meal and a good chat go hand in hand – at least at my table. I remember Sunday afternoons at Nana’s house, all the aunties and Nana in the kitchen chatting while pots simmered on the stove, plates were set out on the table, and the sink steamed with fragrant soapy water. When dinner was over, the men often took the kids outside for a game of Scrub, or adjourned to the parlour to clean guns for an upcoming hunting trip.

It is important that food be more than physical nourishment. It should be part of lifelong memories, that nourish your heart and soul. Gather up your family, and some friends, eat, drink, and be merry!

Just click on a recipe to pull it up in a separate window. Keep checking back in, I’ll be adding lots more recipes.

Butternut Squash Bisque

Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

Cranberry Chicken

Fruit and Spice Pancakes

Michaelmas Pie

Red Velvet Cake

Struan Bread

Zucchini Cake

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