They Say

…that when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.

So the children and I went out to the shops today for a little group retail therapy (a VERY rare occurrence).  It served the dual purpose of reducing the stress of so many changes happening simultaneously, and giving us a change of scene.  We’ve done a lot of fretting around here about how we will fit into this little house if we aren’t able to find a new place, making some changes to our homeschool routine, choosing colleges; and we’ve been keeping ourselves close to home with all of the snow and ice that has come recently.

Our first stop was at our favourite toy store – Barnes and Noble.  I was just planning to pick up a road atlas for our trip to New Hampshire on Saturday.  And I did.  See?


But anytime the Gadbois clan is in a bookstore, we find it difficult to resist indulging in further literary goodness.


These are edifying. And they were a bargain.


So I could afford these:


William’s and Carrie’s picks


Louis’ pick.


Sophie’s pick (and our dear friend Fr. Augustine’s favourite)


The Hungry Caterpillar for James to go with Brown Bear and Polar Bear which came for his birthday.  I LOVE these little Eric Carle board books for wee ones. HIGHLY recommend.


I remember this book fondly from my own childhood.

Light in the Attic

And can you believe we didn’t already have this one?  I kept meaning to pick it up.  I thought it was high time.

I want you to know that I saved a bundle with my B&N Member Card. Brian will be very happy to know.  And there is probably a $5 coupon in the mail, too.  I suggested to the lady who checked us out – she was wearing a manager-type name tag – that they should give away bookcases as a bonus gift after a member buys a certain number of books.  She promised to suggest it.  🙂

While still riding the book high, I had the girls run into Carter’s and pick these up:

Aren’t they divine? If course, it’s MUCH too early to know whether our little sweetpea is a girl or a boy. But after two little fellas in a row, everyone figures the odds are in her favour.  And if we have a little chap, we’ll tuck these away for a future godchild or grandchild.

And in order to bring myself back down out of the clouds, we trekked across the plaza to pick up… pillows.  Strangely, that still gave me an awful lot of pleasure.  I kept imagining my loves resting their weary heads on fresh new cushions and dreaming sweet dreams.  How is it that everyday ordinariness can produce such feelings of joy?  I don’t know.  But I’m very glad it does.

Until next time…