Baby update

Such a boring post title.  My apologies…

Our little one measured at 18 weeks today – not uncommon for a grand-multip mama, I’m told.   It’s nice to be grand at something.  Being advanced is also something admirable.  However, being labeled someone who is of “advanced maternal age” is just plan unflattering.  You’d think I’d be over it – this is my fourth baby since becoming ancient and decrepit.  But I’m not. I’m working on it.

And the little one’s heart rate was 140, and that was a tricky reading to get.  We have a little wiggle worm.  But we knew that after the last ultrasound which took 45 minutes of chasing the little darling around the womb.  And I had the bruises next day to prove it.

So we can’t tell anything from the heart rate (boy or girl), not that those things are ever 100% accurate.  Or even 50% accurate.  It’s a crap shoot.  But in 2.5 weeks, we’re due to go for another marathon ultrasound scan.  Maybe, just maybe our wee one will hold still long enough for us to have a chance at determining whether he or she is a he or she.  Certainly, he or she IS a he or she, but we’re hoping to know exactly WHICH of those he or she is.

There’s a family pool going on here.  Only one of us guessed “BOY”, so if baby turns out to be a he, we have an instant winner.  The prize is a bag of M&Ms.  What’s your guess?