About Us

Brian and I married on a rainy day in July 1991. 

We have a farm in central Massachusetts and we have started a family life apostolate – a ministry to families, clergy, and children from difficult backgrounds.  Our mission is to educate and inspire families to create for themselves a lifestyle rooted in faith and centered around each other.

Brian is an ordained deacon incardinated in the diocese of Worcester, and serves the community of St. Francis of Assisi in Barre, MA as the Director of Religious Education.  He was educated at the University of Lowell and received his BSEE in June 1991.  After seven years in the US Air Force, Brian has spent his time consulting with various companies. 

Nissa is a professional mom – she nurtures, nourishes, creates, and teaches.  She was trained in floral design, etiquette, and event planning, and is a dedicated student of holistic health and nutrition. She is a self-taught photographer, a PINA certified permaculturist, and a student herbalist.  Adoption has ignited a new passion in the study of trauma and childhood development.

Together with our children, we operate a permaculture farm and farm shop, which we hope will one day soon be the basis of support for our family and apostolate.



  1. Jeanne
    18 July, 2010 @ 7:03 pm

    am looking for your great deals for items that you sell. can you help?

  2. Eva
    7 August, 2010 @ 10:52 am

    my moms maiden name was gadbois.my grandfathers last name was gadbois .I just want to know where they came from and what is my nationality?

  3. Ed Drewsen
    20 August, 2010 @ 7:47 pm

    My wife whose maiden name is Beloit just learned some incredible information which led me to search for Gadbois. Seems she has been given pictures of her ascendants who’s names were Gadbois, and changed to Beloit in order to run from the mob in Ill.

    It’s interesting that you are a Catholic home-schooling family with seven kids and one on the way. We are too. I said something to my wife just now and she said she has somehow communicated with you recently.

    I have been able to find some of my extended family only to find they have lost or reject the Catholic faith, or never had it from birth. If Shelly is able to link her family with yours… All I can say is God does work in mysterious ways. Her father became Catholic after Shelly was born.

    Apparantly Shelly’s great grandfather Harry Gadbois (Harry Beloit) ran from the mob with such urgency that he and his wife left a son in school. They apparantly never went back for him, or sent for him due to the mob’s watchful eyes. They did however have an infant son who was my wife’s grandfather. Sad story… This would lead us to believe that Shelly would possibly have relatives with your last name.

    This is a crazy possibility!

    PS I think it’s great that your husband is a candidate for the diaconate. I have thought of it for many years. One of my best friends is a deacon of about 4 years or so. They also home-school.

    Hope this does not freak you out. I don’t know if you can find me on FB. My settings are strict as heck. You can see an old blog which I have not posted on in a couple of years. Life has kept me too busy to spend time on it. Maybe I should try it again. http://ed-drewsen.blogspot.com/

  4. nathan gadbois
    31 January, 2011 @ 2:03 am

    I am a gadbois in washington state and it would be intresting to find out how we r connected.

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